As the visionary behind The Patchbay, I've had the privilege of surveying the terrain of production resource platforms and have come to a startling realization: too many of them are unjust and suppress the artistic spirit. The rigid practices of exclusivity contracts and inadequate & non-prompt royalties hamper the possibilities available to creators and can ultimately harm the industry as a whole.

Exclusivity, while it may appear to be a desirable trait, is actually a trap that restricts the earnings and exposure of creators. By confining them to a solitary platform, they are unable to reap the benefits of selling their content on multiple channels. This stifles not only their financial potential but also their creative reach and freedom.

We simply don't do this. We firmly believe that creators should possess the autonomy to sell their content wherever they choose and offer them the flexibility to do so. Our platform permits creators to list their work on other platforms and still sell it on The Patchbay, all while ensuring fair and consistent compensation for their masterpieces.

Many platforms retain creator earnings for lengthy intervals and when they do decide to pay out, the royalty rates can be unjustly low, hindering both the creators and the industry as a whole. One of the pivotal ways we differentiate from other production resource platforms is our handling of royalties. We distribute royalties equitably and promptly on a weekly basis with no minimum income clause, offering creators the stability and security they require to concentrate on their art. Furthermore, our royalty rates are transparent and fair, guaranteeing creators receive a suitable return on their time and effort.

Another significant challenge with many production resource platforms is the lack of control creators have over their own content. There is no real accountability and the creator is forced to be told what and when they earned their income. They have no real way of knowing the true numbers in real-time. No way to analyze data. No way to control their content on their own terms. 

We built a real-time dashboard for creators to use. Creators can Add, remove & modify pages by themselves, set discounts & coupons, respond to clients, access analytics & reporting & so much more. Our philosophy is to allow the creator to retain full creative control while automating all the boring squiggly parts. We also believe in providing the best possible environment by allowing creative individualism and offering a fair environment in which to monetize your content. Our platform is fair, honest, and open, and we're dedicated to supporting creators in their mission to reach new audiences and elevate their careers.

In conclusion, the current state of production resource platforms calls for transformation. By promoting exclusivity contracts and suppressing artistic freedom, these platforms do a disservice to creators and the industry as a whole. At The Patchbay, we advocate for fairness, openness, and artistic freedom, and are devoted to providing creators with the resources and tools they need to succeed.