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At The Patchbay, we are more than just a platform. As our name suggests, we are a hub that connects creators to clients all around the globe. We are an elite club for world-class talent and a magnet for sheer quality. Our platform is designed for creators who are serious about their craft and want to take their brand to the next level. We don't just ride the wave, we create it.

From product creation to analytics and marketing. With our advanced dashboard & page builder, you can easily create and manage products and services, as well as customize pages to your exact specifications. They can be digital items, physically shipped, or, a unique 1-2-1 service you've cooked up.

Our platform also offers unique features such as the ability to run your own coupon campaigns, track real-time transactions, and fine-tune your SEO. You can also engage with your clients through our messaging system, schedule sales & add rich multimedia. Plus, you'll get paid automatically every week.

We're dedicated to providing cutting-edge content and features to give your clients the confidence they need to trust in your work. We pride ourselves on being a community of creators who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible and breaking the mould of traditional platforms. So, if you're ready to be part of something bigger, apply to become a creator on The Patchbay today and let us turn your traffic into gold.

Step 1

Take a look at our fair terms to make sure it's right for you. We pride ourselves on our straight-forward terms.

Step 2

Email us at recruit @ with as much info as you can including links, media & context.

Step 3

Additionally, create your creator account here & wait for account activation. You must follow steps 2 & 3.

Get ready!

Sit back & wait for us to email you back with a decision within 72 hours. Feedback can be given.

Please note: If you are accepted, your creator account will be activated. In the event you are denied, your creator account will become inactive. Responses may take a little longer than usual. If you are not accepted feel free to apply after 3 months with new material. You will not need to make another creator account, simply reference your previous application. Please ensure that you add as many links as possible to your email so we have more to work from. Demonstrating the ability to create and demo presets or production content will help. Your social status or how much of a following you have has zero bearing on the success of your application, we are looking for what you can do. We may need you to verify your identity either with communications from your official pages, email, or ID.

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Why sell on The Patchbay®?

The Patchbay streamlines the selling process, making it easy for sellers to list and manage their products, track orders, and communicate with buyers. Get paid weekly, automate your sales & focus on what's important: creating.

Some marketplaces charge you to use some or all of their features. Some even charge you to list items. Selling on The Patchbay is completely free. You are free to list, modify & delete your listings. You can also enjoy access to all features within the dashboard. There are no pay-walled features and you will not be charged any kind of maintenance fee if your item never sells.

We have over 11,000 customers from over 140+ countries. We offer a wide global reach connecting your creations to people across the globe. With the built-in SEO tools & blazing fast platform, we also offer an edge by default when it comes to search engine ranking.

The Patchbay charges lower fees than many other marketplaces, which can help sellers keep more of their profits. Our competitors pay an average fee of 50%, some even 40%. We pay an average of 65% for audio production content & 70% for visual assets. We pay even more for services: 75% & even more for shipped items: 80%. But unlike other platforms, we offer a bespoke dashboard where you can control, schedule, automate & keep track of everything. We offer free promotion, access to internal applications & free web hosting. 

We're a creative bunch. We love to talk strategy & ideas. We have helped encourage some huge era's on the platform such as the rise of creations by the Retrowave community, we carved a market for TAL U NO LX, U-He Diva & Serum. We helped curate the rise of the Cinematic genre. We have helped countless creators find a niche for their talent. Got a great idea? Give us a shout.

Our platform allows you to sell both digital, physical or a combination such as a physical product with a digitally delivered item. But that's not all, we also support services provided through our internal messaging system, meaning whatever creative service you can think of providing, someone out there will pay for your time. This could be mastering, graphical design or 1-2-1 mentorship. We also support digital items with serial codes, meaning this can extend to e-ticketing. The options are only limited by your imagination.

You can set global shipping rules within your dashboard, so it will automatically use your pre-set defaults whenever you sell a physical item. You can override this on a per-page basis if you wish. Your rules can consist of a cost per item, cost per additional item, the shipping company used, the regions available and shipping & handling times. You will have to handle the physical part, but the administration is all taken care of. You can update your customers with a tracking code via the messaging system on a per-order basis. Shipping is automatically calculated at checkout and the monetary amount is handed over to the seller. You can track shipping costs in your reports.

There are a number of ways you can promote your content & stand out. You can schedule discounts on a per-page basis far into the future. Any discounted page will have special labels, a price strike out and a countdown, they will also be placed on the sale page. You can also create your own coupon codes using your own rules, and then track them as they are used. You can also take part in our flash sale system where every day a set number of pages by sellers who participate will go on sale for 24 hours with a discount between 5-20%, this adds more visibility.

We operate a helpdesk over on You can raise a ticket here we will help with any queries whatsoever. Creators have their own department which handles creator-specific queries. We aim to solve your issue in as little as 48 hours.

We offer not only useful analytics and performance graphs, but we also offer the ability to record keep. All transactions such as sales, discounts, product bundles, special events, royalty payouts & more are recorded in real-time in the transaction area for transparency & accountability. You can also view reports using various filters such as custom time periods, separate products & more. All records are split into gross, your total, the platforms total, shipping & tax.

But don't just take our word for it...

The Patchbay has proven itself to be a one-stop shop for the enthusiastic synth producer at entry level to the well-established Retrowave titans whose tracks are adored by the masses. Gary Falcon Lang as its creator has arguably tailored one of the world's best platforms for sound creation with his ethos of user-friendly, straightforward management. As a Creator, there's no better place to be!

The Patchbay is all about giving producers the best possible sounds to lift their creative productions. I love it as a creator when looking for new cutting-edge sounds to use in my own productions. When I recognize many of the well-known artists on the site who have created commercial patch banks & sample packs, that gives me great confidence that the quality of the products is going to be of the highest level.

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