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Diva Soundbank by The Midnight
Artist Exclusive Presets Diva Top 50
— Diva presets —My official soundbank for U-he Diva34 carefully curated and custom made patches for one of my favorite go-to synths. Warm & punchy 80s basses, nostalgic pads, soft pluc..
Serumwave 5 Solid Basses
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum -13 %
Item ID: J3N64
You need these basses. Are you looking for solid FM bass? Punchy, clicky, crispy bass? Are you looking for the perfect bass that sits in your mix? Are you looking for pure filth? Serumwave 5 Solid Bas..
£9.99 £8.69
Serum: Ultimate Retrowave
Presets Serum Sound Designer
Item ID: JF3RA
Superchare your sound with A-Grade Audio! If you're looking for expertly-crafted old school sounds, look no further than our 'Ultimate Retrowave' presets for Xfer Serum. Contained within a..
'Alpha Sythwave' for TAL-Pha
Presets Sound Designer Just Added TAL - Pha
Item ID: HYFA6
'Alpha Synthwave' is a pack of 110 TAL-Pha presets for Synthwave production, oozing with 80s nostalgia and retro synth keys, basses, leads, etc. Contained within are a large selection of patch..
Roland Alpha Juno 1/2 - 64 Patches
Artist Exclusive Presets Alpha Juno Top 50
Item ID: KRAJ49
64 original awesome patches for anything retro synth related. Pads, strings, basses, sweeps. bells and much more.All organized into banks of 8.Full compatibility with the classic hardware Roland Alpha..
Lo-Fi | TAL-sampler Vol.8 by Espen Kraft
Artist Exclusive Presets TAL Sampler Just Added
Item ID: 58336
Lo-Fi - The Digital Collection Vol.8 by Espen Kraft49 Multi-Sampled Patches for TAL-Sampler.Two lovely little synths; The Yamaha FB-01 4-operator FM synth and the Kawai K1. Both from the mid 80s.All s..
Arturia Minifreak 50 NEW Retro Presets by Espen Kraft
Artist Exclusive Presets Minifreak
Item ID: 3FC3R
50 brand new retro-styled presets for the Arturia MiniFreak.Pop, Synthwave, Soundtracks, Ambient music or other genres, they're all production ready.  Included in the download is the fil..
Scouse House Sample Pack Vol .1
Artist Exclusive Drums Project File Samples
Item ID: SH44F9
KRITIKAL MASS PRESENTSScouse House Sample Pack Vol .1Featuring over 250 samples specially selected for use in Scouse House / Donk / Clubland style tracksSorted in easy to use folders, folders includeK..
Roland JX-8P Vol.1 - 32 new original retro patches (JX-10/MKS-70/PG-8X compatible)
Artist Exclusive Presets PG8x Top 50
Item ID: KJX804
 A download pack of 32 patches for the Roland JX-8P / JX-10 / MKS-70 / PG-8X in the sysex format.The patches are created from me and many of them is sounds directly from my album "Those Days..
Roland D-50 / 32 Retro patches
Artist Exclusive Presets D-50 Top 50
Item ID: KD50T8
 32 Original patches for the Roland D-50. These patches are created by me to emulate classic analogue synth sounds for use in all kinds of electronic music. I've had the D-50 since the d..
Night City
TAL U No LX Presets Sound Designer
Item ID: TF15K
Night City contains 86 patches for TAL-U-No-LX that evoke a technologically advanced future, filtered through the lens of the past. The soundset takes its cue from literary and cinematic cyberpunk, ea..
CZtranger Things
Presets CasioCZ Sound Designer Top 50
Item ID: VURR73
Our eleventh patch set! 16 patches for your Casio CZ synthesizer inspired by the Stranger Things theme song.This is a downloadable zip of 16 .SYX format data files. Use a SysEx transfer program for Ma..
The Collection Vol.1 - Tal U NO LX by VHS Dreams
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive Presets Top 50
Item ID: VHS38R
The Patchbay teamed up with VHS Dreams to bring you a collection of timeless sounds as they appeared in most of his past work. This collection presents you with 25 presets for Tal U No LX that cover t..
TAL U-NO-LX V2 by Red Marker
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive Presets Top 50
42 awesome handcrafted signature Red Marker sounds for ToguAudioLine's wonderful Juno 60 emulation the TAL U-NO-LX V2, rich analog powerful Basses, Lead synths, ethereal spacey pads, crisp and dre..
Synthwave Soundset TAL U NO LX by Timecop1983
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive Presets Top 50
Item ID: TCSVD01
Gain an insight into the Timecop1983 sound. 36 Presets for TAL U NO LX. ..
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