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Hall of the superb

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The Midnight
The Midnight United States
Timecop1983 Netherlands
Arcade Summer
Arcade Summer South Lismore, Australia
KRAFT Norway
Michael Oakley
Michael Oakley United Kingdom

The greatest. The best. The elite. This is the hall of fame for those who have broken records on The Patchbay. These are the creators who have made history.

Top 25 of all time

Diva Soundbank by The Midnight
Artist Exclusive Presets Diva Top 50 -16 %
— Diva presets —My official soundbank for U-he Diva34 carefully curated and custom made patches for one of my favorite go-to synths. Warm ..
£7.99 £6.71
Synthwave Soundset TAL U NO LX by Timecop1983
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive Presets Top 50 -16 %
Item ID: TCSVD01
Gain an insight into the Timecop1983 sound. 36 Presets for TAL U NO LX. ..
£7.99 £6.71