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dw 8000 espen kraft
dw 8000 espen kraft
Retro Power Tools.
By Michael Oakley
For Serum
Learn More retro power tools for reveal sound spire
Retro Power Tools for Serum is a toolbox of 64 presets aimed at giving you the best all around palette.
You will find everything you need to create a masterpiece whether it's Synthwave, Chillsynth, Eurodance, Italo Disco, Synthpop or anything else.
If you're looking to save time, add inspiration & make a professional sounding project then look no further than the retro toolbox for Serum!
dw 8000 espen kraft
Ultimate Retrowave.
By A-Grade Audio
For Serum
Learn More ultimate retrowave
If you're looking for expertly-crafted old school sounds, look no further than our 'Ultimate Retrowave' presets for Xfer Serum. Contained within are chunky analog basses, sizzling retro leads, and nostalgic 80's synth pads, keys, plucks, etc, for a total of 100 patches.
Each preset has all 4 Macros assigned as well as velocity and modwheel settings.
Also included are additonal Serum wavetable and noise files which were used heavily during the creation of this bank.
dw 8000 espen kraft
By Espen Kraft
64 patches based on hardware sounds
Learn More 64 tal u no lx sounds by espen kraft
Brass, strings, pads, keys, synths, bass and bells. All ready to go into your own music.
These are sounds tailored for Pop, Synthwave, Italo Disco and Soundtracks.
These patches originate from my patches made on the original hardware for over 30 years. Now I've recreated them for the TAL U-NO-LX-Many of these patches can be heard on my released music and albums.
dw 8000 espen kraft
34 immaculate presets.
By The Midnight
For U-He Diva
Learn More the midnight diva soundbank
This pack helped to put The Patchbay on the map. It's also the highest grossing pack of all time with over 1000+ sales.
You may recognize some sounds as they were used in The Midnights songs of the past. There are also some new sounds.
If you have Diva and you like The Midnight then this pack is calling your name!
dw 8000 espen kraft
Dark Vision 2.
By Oblivion Sound Labs
For U-He Diva
Learn More dark vision 2
A vintage horror soundset for u-he DivaDark Vision 2 is another deep dive into horror film scores from the late 1970s and early 1980s, featuring 127 patches for u-he Diva that evoke the synthesizer-heavy soundtracks of classic horror movies, giallo thrillers, and obscure video nasties.
For this set we have taken inspiration from pioneering composers such as Walter Rizzati, Goblin, Jay Chattaway, Fred Myrow, Chris Burke, Mort Garson, John Harrison and John Carpenter, as well as synth horror revivalists like Steve Moore, Mac Quayle and Vercetti Technicolor.
Inside you will find ominous analog basses, spine-tingling bells, howling leads, funereal organs, menacing pads and drones, growling stabs, eerie strings, resonant sound effects, and more. Most patches have parameters mapped to modwheel and aftertouch for expressive performances, and NKS presets are included for integration with Native Instruments hardware.

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