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dw 8000 espen kraft
dw 8000 espen kraft
Retro Power Tools.
By Michael Oakley
For Serum
Learn More retro power tools for reveal sound spire
Retro Power Tools for Serum is a toolbox of 64 presets aimed at giving you the best all around palette.
You will find everything you need to create a masterpiece whether it's Synthwave, Chillsynth, Eurodance, Italo Disco, Synthpop or anything else.
If you're looking to save time, add inspiration & make a professional sounding project then look no further than the retro toolbox for Serum!
dw 8000 espen kraft
Juno 6.
By Swan Audio
For U-He Diva
Learn More juno 6 for u-he diva
Swan Audio presents a pack of 60 sounds for U-he Diva programmed by Polydata, curated and supported by Swan Audio.
The pack is specifically focussed on the early Juno era and includes the ‘Junowave’ skin to accompany the sounds. The ‘Soundbank ’82’ sub-title is based the year that the Juno 6 was released and reflects the early era Juno style sounds.
We are delighted with the results in presenting the character of this classic machine, and couldn’t resist adding some Swan Audio sounds into the pack to round out the collection…making this a truly exclusive collaboration.
dw 8000 espen kraft
High Score.
By Renegade Soundplay
Recreate VGM from the 1980's
Learn More synthwave midi chords by arcade summer
Recreate the music and sounds of video games and computers from the 1980s with High Score, the essential 1980s video game sound generator. High Score was designed from the ground up with ease of use in mind so you don't have to rely on using old vintage hardware or hard to use tracker programs.
Three wave generators with samples from Atari 2600, C64, and more. Variable bitrate noise generator. Dual 16-step arpeggiator/sequencer - perfect for chiptune arpeggios. LP, BP, and HP filter. Randomizer: create new sounds randomly by category.
Comes with 300 presets. Additional preset add-on packs available. All presets are NKS ready to seamlessly integrate into the Native Instruments ecosystem.
dw 8000 espen kraft
34 immaculate presets.
By The Midnight
For U-He Diva
Learn More the midnight diva soundbank
This pack helped to put The Patchbay on the map. It's also the highest grossing pack of all time with over 1000+ sales.
You may recognize some sounds as they were used in The Midnights songs of the past. There are also some new sounds.
If you have Diva and you like The Midnight then this pack is calling your name!
dw 8000 espen kraft
By Oblivion Sound Labs
For Pigments
Learn More photon for pigments
Photon contains 121 patches for Arturia Pigments that evoke the synthesizer scores of 1980s action, sci-fi and horror movies. These sounds are ideal for scoring synth-heavy films – real or imagined – but are equally suited to genres such as Synthwave that draw on the VHS aesthetic of the era.
For this bank we took inspiration from composers such as Harold Faltermeyer, Paul Hertzog, Tangerine Dream and John Carpenter, whose scores left an indelible mark on the 1980s, as well as contemporary producers who have followed in their footsteps, such as Steve Moore, Voyag3r and Le Matos.
Inside you will discover growling basses, dynamic brasses, drifting analog keys, crisp electric pianos, powerful leads, vintage strings, cinematic pads and sweeps, and more. All patches have parameters mapped to Mod Wheel and macros, and NKS patches are included for integration with Native Instruments hardware.

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