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Club Impacts - Sound Effects

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Club Impacts - Sound Effects

 Club Impacts - Sound Effects
 Club Impacts - Sound Effects
Kontakt Plugin
 Club Impacts - Sound Effects
 Club Impacts - Sound Effects
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Club Impacts - Sound Effects


Club Impacts — 225 Epic Impact Sound EffectsClub Impacts is an essential collection of 225 impact sound effects to add excitement and drama ..

Please read the description carefully to ensure this works with your Kontakt version. Any activation key will be delivered automatically.

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Club Impacts — 225 Epic Impact Sound Effects

Club Impacts is an essential collection of 225 impact sound effects to add excitement and drama to your music. Included is a wide range of epic impacts, deep booms, cinematic slams, huge crashes, robotic hits, metal clanks, and audio slowdowns. Also included are cinematic transitions, sweeps, risers, whooshes, and futuristic sci-fi FX. All sounds are individually named and processed for a loud, professional sound.

Club Impacts was created with electronic music in mind, but these impact samples are useful for any genre, including House, Techno, Trance, Drum and Bass, as well as production music, soundtrack, trailers, and game sound design. As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Club Impacts is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions.

Available in Separate Formats

This sound pack is available in 4 separate formats: Audio Wav Pack, Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Library, and Reason Refill (sold separately).

Kontakt Library

Club Impacts - Kontakt Library

Club Impacts Kontakt Library is specially made for Native Instruments Kontakt.


  • 225 total sound effects
  • 489 MB of audio samples
  • 150 impacts, hits, and stingers
  • 75 sweepers and special FX
  • Massive impacts, heavy booms, epic slams
  • Robotic hits, metal clanks, huge crashes
  • Transition FX, slowdowns, risers
  • For soundtrack, cinematic and EDM music
  • One-shot and layered sounds
  • Audio 24-Bit/44.1kHz
  • 225 Kontakt instrument patches
  • Custom graphics
  • Native Instruments Kontakt format
  • Pack Size:491 MB
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