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The Patch species was once an intergalactic type 3 civilization, encouraging capitalism, encapsulating egalitarianism, free markets, forward-thinking protections & creative absurdity across the stars.

During a devastating galactic war, a distress ship containing further instructions, DNA samples & was sent out before the total collapse of their homeworld.

The ship crash-landed on earth and began its mission to rebuild its species by conducting biological experiments on the ship undetected using DNA samples spliced with life on earth. 

At first, created Brad Ritz, a set of clones based on DNA taken from a crazy & talented Australian man. This led to undesirable consequences.

Then, an experiment involving a giant stolen pumpkin from a gardener in Wareham, UK went horribly wrong. After infusing Cyberpumk with the V8K chip, it led to the whole crew being eaten.

To this day is still trying to recreate the excellence of their species & will never give up, requiring more & more talented subjects.'s mission is to shake up the creative entrepreneurial order and recreate a state that catapulted the species beyond the stars. For a better world, for better terms, for individualism. For utopia.'s focus on nostalgia is a way to reminisce on past memories of what once was, to remember the good times.

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Here at The Patchbay, we see ourselves as a genuine force that wants to make positive changes. We do not like one bit where the digital-creative marketplace industry is going. From exclusivity contracts, unfair terms, late payments & restrictive atmospheres, we seek to undo it all & make our creators whole.

We provide fair terms, support, & prompt payments. We foster a positive atmosphere of individualism & forward thinking. We provide a way for you to connect with & support your favourite creators while creating a healthy platform where everyone finds value. 

  • We won't hassle you with multiple mailouts a week.
  • We don't harvest your data or sell it, we only use what's required to process orders.
  • No payment details are stored on our servers.
  • We keep the market fair, and decently priced & are constantly evolving.
  • Creators get PAID WEEKLY, with FAIR terms, and NO minimum payout clauses. Creators own ALL rights to their content & are free to leave at ANY TIME with NO exclusivity contracts.

Our mission is to create a safe & welcoming environment for creators to spread their wings. You will be able to find anything you need within the creative sphere whether that's a soundbank, graphical art, 3D modelling, mastering service, merch, or a VST. 

We offer a beautiful user experience, great content, quick & easy checkout & instant delivery. Couple this with a dedicated support centre & a reply within a day. It's fair, transparent & down to earth (literally). Why go anywhere else?

Why buy from The Patchbay®?

The Patchbay streamlines your favourite creators' content through an easy-to-use interface. Discover talent, support your favourites & become a production powerhouse.

Our creators are taken care of. We pay them a fair whack for putting their content on our platform. We also pay them every week on a Monday. You can be safe in the knowledge that the money you spend gets fairly distributed across your favourite creators.

When you purchase from The Patchbay, the download is instant. If your download came with an activation code, then that will be delivered instantly too. You can find your serial key in your download page. For security, only orders where payment has been confirmed by our internal systems will display downloads & activation codes.

We have over 11,000 customers from over 140+ countries. We offer a wide global reach connecting your creations to people across the globe. With the built-in SEO tools & blazing fast platform, we also offer an edge by default when it comes to search engine ranking.

The Patchbay charges lower fees than many other marketplaces, which can help sellers keep more of their profits. Our competitors pay an average fee of 50%, some even 40%. We pay an average of 65% for audio production content & 70% for visual assets. We pay even more for services: 75% & even more for shipped items: 80%. But unlike other platforms, we offer a bespoke dashboard where you can control, schedule, automate & keep track of everything. We offer free promotion, access to internal applications & free web hosting. 

We deploy lots of measures in order to keep our systems safe. For a start, we only require basic information when creating an account, and we don't store payment details. Secondly, we deploy account lockdown for any suspicious activity on accounts. We also deploy a zero-day exploit firewall which in combination with our host's malware scanning & DDoS protection, provides a safe environment to conduct your transactions. 

We deploy the latest technology when it comes to delivering pages. Our pages are cached & intelligently updated when information changes. If you browse the site as a guest, you will get the most optimal experience. We are looking at bringing this feature to our logged-in customers too.

Our content matters. We take great pride in curating the sellers who join us. While we may take a fierce approach to who joins us, we do this so that you have the best high-quality content available. Feedback is extremely valuable to us so if you have any problems, please contact us via ticket support or, report the page via the creator's profile.

But don't just take our word for it...

The Patchbay has proven itself to be a one-stop shop for the enthusiastic synth producer at entry level to the well-established Retrowave titans whose tracks are adored by the masses. Gary Falcon Lang as its creator has arguably tailored one of the world's best platforms for sound creation with his ethos of user-friendly, straightforward management. As a Creator, there's no better place to be!

The Patchbay is all about giving producers the best possible sounds to lift their creative productions. I love it as a creator when looking for new cutting-edge sounds to use in my own productions. When I recognize many of the well-known artists on the site who have created commercial patch banks & sample packs, that gives me great confidence that the quality of the products is going to be of the highest level.

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