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Audio production packs with the experimental flavour.

Vangelis for Omnisphere
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Item ID: 2SN07
Vangelis for Omnisphere is a tribute soundset of synth emulations and Vangelis-inspired sounds, carefully created by Luftrum by closely studying some of the classics Vangelis composed throughout his l..
Uno LX Origins
TAL U No LX Presets Sound Designer
Item ID: ULXO98
U-NO-LX Origins is a collection of 160 patches for TAL's U-NO-LXThis sound set is a throw back to the glorious days of the 80's. Best suited for retro style/synth wave type of projects but equ..
Solaria for Dark Zebra
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: SDZ443
Dark Zebra Solaria is a cinematic wide screen collection of 170 signature patches for U-He’s Dark Zebra synth. The patches are all created by Stephan Baer and released exclusively on Luftrum.Dar..
Serumwave - Volume 3 (Cyberpunk) - Xfer Serum
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum Top 50
I'm Arcade Summer and I'm back. Introducing Serumwave 3, 88 patches tailored specially for Cyberpunk, Darksynth, Cinematic & more.Serum holds a special place in my heart, it's one of my all-time f..
Serumwave - Volume 2 - Xfer Serum
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum Top 50
 Serumwave2 by Arcade Summer is finally released. And it is one of the most ambitious serum packs to date. Containing lush pads & strings, tight basses, gliding leads. Heaps of cyberpunk insp..
DX7 for FM8 by Pengus
Artist Exclusive Presets FM8
Item ID: S9F85H
A collection of 16 personal presets that I made for FM8...
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: SE224
Zebra Transcendence is a collection of 140 patches for u-he's Zebra 2.This sound set focuses primarily on original dark, subdued and mellow sounds. Best suited for cinematic underscore/experimenta..
Zebra Valiant
Presets Zebra Sound Designer -17 %
Item ID: Z488CY
Zebra "Valiant" is a collection of 180 cinematic patches for u-he's Zebra 2 and Dark Zebra.  With a focus on cinematic sci-fi sounds, it offers both delicate animated ambient textur..
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Spire Sound Designer
Item ID: 485C4
Howard Smith presents Solus for Reveal Sound Spire.Solus contains 110 cinematic inspired presets for all electronic productions. Lush warm pads, dark atmospheres, analog style sequences, dubby chords,..
Serumwave 5 Solid Basses
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum
Item ID: J3N64
You need these basses. Are you looking for solid FM bass? Punchy, clicky, crispy bass? Are you looking for the perfect bass that sits in your mix? Are you looking for pure filth? Serumwave 5 Solid Bas..
Omnisphere Zinar
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Item ID: 90K5J
Omnisphere Zinar is a collection of 300 signature patches for Spectrasonics's Omnisphere 2.5 synth. You need to have version 2.5 to fully take advantage of the additional layers.Dark, atmospheric,..
Luftrum 22 for bx_oberhausen
Presets BX Oberhausen Sound Designer
Luftrum and Stephan Baer have teamed up to create a set of 80 new patches for bx_oberhausen, which is a software recreation of the Oberheim SEM an iconic classic from the mid-70s and the first officia..
Luftrum 21 for Sylenth1
Presets Sylenth
Luftrum 21 is a soundbank collaboration between Luftrum, synthwave artist Michael Oakley and producer legend Arksun. The trio have teamed up in a time-travel to create a nostalgic set of 128 handcraft..
Luftrum 13 - Zebra
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: LUC849
Luftrum 13 is a new soundbank for Zebra 2 containing 128 fresh and original patches from cinematic pads over dynamic arpeggios to bass sequences and modern synth leads – a perfect fit for all ge..
InspireMe - Volume 01
Presets Zebra Sound Designer -6 %
Item ID: IM38RY
This soundset should inspire you. Atmospheric, mysterious, rhythmic, deep, clear... just everything your synth heart desires!37 presets from the categories:  Arps, Basses, Leads, PadsModWheel and..
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