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Ambient Dreams for Vital
Presets Just Added
Item ID: 335MB
Immerse yourself in the beauty of Ambient Dreams: a collection of 50 gorgeously serene presets for Vital. Infused with the unmistakable character of d..
Lo-Fi | TAL-sampler Vol.8 by Espen Kraft
Artist Exclusive Presets TAL Sampler Just Added
Item ID: 58336
Lo-Fi - The Digital Collection Vol.8 by Espen Kraft49 Multi-Sampled Patches for TAL-Sampler.Two lovely little synths; The Yamaha FB-01 4-operator FM s..
Euphoric Trance Arpeggios
MIDI Pack Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: OJ9OP
Euphoric ArpsPerfect Trance riffs beautifully crafted to make you feel goosebumps as if surrounded by pure energy.uplifting and euphoric and able to f..
Hardcore Loops Vol 3
MIDI Pack Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 073I5
One of the best selling Hardcore series returns with another massive dose of Hardcore madness!With tracks released on leading labels such as Armada Mu..
Hardcore MIDI Loops Vol 2
MIDI Pack Project File Samples Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 6T4S3
Eternal Waves present their latest main-floor UK Hardcore MIDI Loop library featuring 125 MIDI sequences! Spread over 51 ‘tracks’ each con..
Hardcore MIDI Loops Vol 1
MIDI Pack Samples Sound Designer Just Added Construction Kit
Item ID: 8SKDH
Eternal Waves present their massive UK Hardcore Loop library featuring over 270 MB of pumping lead riffs, phat buzzing basses and extra special bonus ..
684 Midi pack with Sylenth and sytrus banks (Bundle)
Presets MIDI Pack Sylenth Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 4H2VK
Eternal Waves has put every single MIDI sequence he has made up until 2023 intoone pack giving you a massive discount...You will definately be able to..
Sylenth Vol 1 + 2 Bundle
Presets Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 43208
Sylenth1 volume 1 and 2 Bundle from Eternal Waves features Sylenth1 Presets designed to to be synonymous to the latest sounds from the UK charts! The ..