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Synth Pop

Audio production packs based around synth pop.

'Alpha Sythwave' for TAL-Pha
Presets Sound Designer Just Added TAL - Pha
Item ID: HYFA6
'Alpha Synthwave' is a pack of 110 TAL-Pha presets for Synthwave production, oozing with 80s nostalgia and retro synth keys, basses, leads, etc. Contained within are a large selection of patch..
Serum: Ultimate Retrowave
Presets Serum Sound Designer
Item ID: JF3RA
Superchare your sound with A-Grade Audio! If you're looking for expertly-crafted old school sounds, look no further than our 'Ultimate Retrowave' presets for Xfer Serum. Contained within a..
Roland JX-8P Vol.1 - 32 new original retro patches (JX-10/MKS-70/PG-8X compatible)
Artist Exclusive Presets PG8x Top 50
Item ID: KJX804
 A download pack of 32 patches for the Roland JX-8P / JX-10 / MKS-70 / PG-8X in the sysex format.The patches are created from me and many of them is sounds directly from my album "Those Days..
Roland D-50 / 32 Retro patches
Artist Exclusive Presets D-50 Top 50
Item ID: KD50T8
 32 Original patches for the Roland D-50. These patches are created by me to emulate classic analogue synth sounds for use in all kinds of electronic music. I've had the D-50 since the d..
TAL U-NO-LX 64 New Patches for Synthwave Synthpop Italo Disco Soundtracks By Espen Kraft
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive Presets
Item ID: 1LW3Q
64 brand new patches for the TAL U-NO-LX. Brass, strings, pads, keys, synths, bass and bells. All ready to go into your own music. These are sounds tailored for Pop, Synthwave, Italo Disco and So..
Roland JX-3P | 32 New Patches for SynthPop / Italo Disco / Synthwave
Artist Exclusive Presets JX-3P Top 50
Item ID: KJX30U
Check the video above for demo and tutorial on how to load these into your own Roland JX-3P. Should you not be able to load the patches into your 3P, for whatever reason, I've included a..
Roland Alpha Juno 1/2 - 64 Patches
Artist Exclusive Presets Alpha Juno Top 50
Item ID: KRAJ49
64 original awesome patches for anything retro synth related. Pads, strings, basses, sweeps. bells and much more.All organized into banks of 8.Full compatibility with the classic hardware Roland Alpha..
Processed Drum Machines by Pengus
Artist Exclusive Drums Samples
Item ID: PD39FJ
Painstaking drums processing killed my artistic flow, and because of this I made my own drum machine sample pack with pre-processed samples. Compressed, EQ'd, stereo treated, wet, dry, wacky and c..
Kawai K3/K3m 50 patches for Synthpop, Synthwave, Soundtrack, Games, Italo Disco ++
Artist Exclusive Presets Kawai K3/K3m
Item ID: S80QH
Kawai K3/K3m patch bank from Espen Kraft50 brand new patches (tones) for all kinds of genres; Soundtracks, ambient music, games, pop or whatever need you might have. The Kawai K3 and K3m (module)..
CZtranger Things
Presets CasioCZ Sound Designer Top 50
Item ID: VURR73
Our eleventh patch set! 16 patches for your Casio CZ synthesizer inspired by the Stranger Things theme song.This is a downloadable zip of 16 .SYX format data files. Use a SysEx transfer program for Ma..
Arturia MicroFreak Sample Pack - Collection of vintage synths for your MicroFreak
Artist Exclusive Presets Samples MIcrofreak
Item ID: 35ABI
A great sample pack of vintage synths, ready for your Arturia MicroFreak. 43 custom made samples from my collection of synths. Hybrid, digital and analog sounds. Perfect to make your MicroFreak sound ..
Vintage Waves for Serum
Presets Serum Sound Designer
Item ID: VWS339
‘Vintage Waves’ is a pack of 120 retro style sounds for Xfer Serum using Waves from vintage instruments such as Oberheim, Roland, Arp, and Moog and a few digital machin..
Tal U No LX - 42 Presets Vol.2 by Beckett
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive Presets
Item ID: BT89EU
The second volume in the Beckett Artist series of TAL UNO LX presets. A new collection of 42 original sounds used in my own synthwave library.  ..
TAL Sampler - The Digital Collection Vol.1 by Espen Kraft
Artist Exclusive Presets Samples TAL Sampler Top 50
Item ID: 4S7OC
Do you want the best old-school synth patches from 11 different classic synths? 128 awesome patch presets and 8 performance presets ready to go. The best sounds from my vintage collection. &..
Synthwave Drums
Drums Samples Sound Designer
Item ID: SD339R
Synthwave Drums is a massive collection of hard-hitting gated drum sounds. Inspired by the techniques of pioneering 80s music producers, this aptly named collection ranges from Rock to traditional Syn..
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