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'Retro Textures' for CA2600
Presets Sound Designer CA2600 Just Added
Item ID: 812S3
Supercharge your CA2600 synthesizer with A-Grade Audio's 'Retro Textures'! The Arp 2600 was a bass and lead monster, yet it's modular architecture also made it a bona-fide sound FX mac..
CS80V - Replicant's Dreams
Presets Sound Designer CS-80V Just Added
Item ID: R32FY
'Replicant's Dreams' is comprised of 100 presets for Arturia CS80V (version 4 and up required). Heavily influenced by the Bladerunner soundtrack and old school cyberpunk aesthetic, the ove..
Serum: Ultimate Retrowave
Presets Serum Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: JF3RA
Superchare your sound with A-Grade Audio! If you're looking for expertly-crafted old school sounds, look no further than our 'Ultimate Retrowave' presets for Xfer Serum. Contained within a..
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