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Korg Polysix

Audio production packs for the Korg Polysix.

Polysix Expansion Pack
Artist Exclusive Presets Top 50 Polysix -15 %
Item ID: P6E8F6
Introducing the Polysix expansion megapack by Arcade Summer. This megapack primarily consists of 3 banks for a total of 96 presets. The aim of these banks were to cover many bases where the factory ba..
£9.99 £8.49
White Label - Korg Polysix
Presets Sound Designer Just Added Polysix
‘White Label’ features 110 patches for the Korg PolysixThis set explores the sounds of London’s Drum’n Bass scene in the 1990s. This set features lo-fi chords, funky stabs, dee..
Sonic Gap - Korg Polysix Patch Pack 1
Artist Exclusive Presets Polysix
Item ID: 90BL3
Here's a collection of 20 patches in fxp-format for the Korg Polysix plugin. All have been used in many of my songs over the years. You can find pads, brass, basses, plucks, leads, effects and eve..
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