Today see’s the much anticipated release of Beckett’s new single “Homewrecker” and I got a great chance to interview him on his life as a musician, what’s coming up in 2018 and lots more besides..take a look! 
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Who is Beckett and where do you hail from?

Beckett originally comes from the southwest, but after 20 years in Manchester, He feels right at home! 


What is your backround? – have you always been a performer?

Been a musician since I was a kid. Always a performer but not always able to express my true love of the 80s and nostalgic feelings until about 2014. The other bands I have played in and styles I worked on… well, they have been truly different from where I am now. 


Tell us a little about your musical influences throughout the years

That is a question! Well, surprisingly a lot of piano men, Dr. John, Billy Joel, Randy Newman… from the 80’s side of things my love of rhythm and bass has to come from Level 42. Daftpunk is a must and of course Justice… New order, aerosmith, extreme, Prince. It’s a mess in my head really ;) but for Synthwave Mitch Murder, Oscillian, FM-84 so many have severed my music hunger pangs! haha 


Who do you enjoy listening to now?

A selection. Phaserland, Oscillian, Bart Graft, Mitch Murder and a lot of Japan pop especially Toshiki Kadomatsu


What sort of hardware/software do you use? Do you have a preference? Are you brand loyal?

Brand Loyal… Roland. I have a lot of hardware from the years. Roland is my go too a lot of the time. Love the TR 707, Love my D-20, E-66, S10, love playing on the Korg  Trinity, and of course the rev keys Poly 800 as well. I find sometimes there are hardware quirks that I have with my gear that is a part of the Beckett sound and might not be as good with out them. The Poly has a 10khz whine I have to filter out, but it gives all my Poly sounds a certain charm.

Software, I use a lot of UVI synths and the Tal Range. I use what the song requires really, if it’s a pad from the Trinity I use that, if its from the Tal Uno LX I work that. I sometimes use a present as a basic idea but most always rebuild or program something that’s new. 


What sort of advice would you give someone starting out in the Synthwave Genre?

I would say, don’t fall in to the trap of emulating synthwave artists. I hear a lot of people cloning ideas from synthwave artists, but you got to remember synthwave is a clone of the original 80s in a way! I tend to think of all my productions as nostalgic memories. Something I have tucked away in my mind and I try to work to that. When I started, I didn’t know there was a place for me in the world. I found Synthetix.FM and then promptly found Mitch murder. I thought ‘finally there are others that can love this style… oh its also got a name, synthwave!” it made me stronger in the thought of writing the music I loved. Sure take inspiration from others in the scene, but keep it focused on the revival, retro, nostalgic feel. 




You’re about to release a new single which fans are eagerly anticipating, what’s next on the Beckett Synth Horizon for the remainder of 2018?

Well the single, then the album, then Beckett FIVE on vinyl, Beckett music on a new Run game “Top Run” and then Beckett Live Debut!!! And several gigs for the year end. It’s going to be a hard graft but I’m ready. Hopefully next year, Europe and the USA! 


If you could collaborate with anyone else on the scene who would it be? And why?

I would love to work with Mitch Murder. I have always loved his work and would love to see his process in the studio ;) 


If you couldn’t make the great music you do now what would you be doing?

Well I would always be involved in music some how I believe. My life has always had music in it and Project Beckett is the first time Im able to fly solo and let it run. Let it ‘out-run’ lol… I’ll get my coat. 


If you had to choose a superpower what would it be and why?

The ability to control time. Stop it rewind it speed it up. I am fascinated about time travel and time manipulation. I would do such good things… obviously after I had made a small fortune to promote Beckett even further ;) 


What in your opinion makes a great gig?

Great gig… Something with high production value, quality song and performance work and top sound mix. Gimmicks and a guy in front of a laptop don’t impress at all. Got to have soul and keep me interested in how they perform. Its got to be as intriguing as the music. 


Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Bruce Campbell. Although I always said I could play him in his life story! Got the chin for it! Anyway, I think My life story would be from, what, lets say 60yrs back to 15? I’d guess I’d need a more up-to-date ‘none-aged’ movie star… Maybe that Spiderman kid for young me and then Jeffrey Donovan. Bruce could play old me. hahaha




Do you have a day job? How do you balance this with your passion for creating the great music that you do?

I don’t sleep, so that’s a bonus. I’m an Engineer in TV an Media. I work 40 hours and put on my pants one leg at a time just like the rest and my free time I plough into my love…. Errr, I mean music, I put time into my music. (that came out wrong) 


When you’re having a bad day what do you do to make yourself feel better?

I swim underwater for as long as possible. Then I listen to all my old work and tell myself I can be better. Makes me forget why I was in a bad way and makes me all fired up to be great again. 




What sound do you love the most?

Well, instrument wise. Harmonized guitars like on “God gave rock n roll to you” Kiss. 
For a game effect. The ‘thuuummmm’ sound of a grenade launcher.
In Real life, a car driving slowly on gravel pathways. 





Who is your celebrity crush?

Well I still got love for Scully. She took over Kim Wilde when I was a young man. They both warm me. My heart, they both warm my heart. Phew! Glad we got that straight. 





Hope you enjoyed the interview. Want to hear Beckett's new release Homewrecker? Of course you do, click the image below and enjoy!




I’m sure you’ll agree that the single “Homewrecker” is more than a worthy addition to an already burgeoning list of awesome jamz Beckett has created.  We can certainly look forward to some up and coming Gig news as well.  Keep it here with The Patchbay for more details..


Check out the pack Beckett made for The Patchbay below and grab his pack of presets he has used in his past work!


Peace out!