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CORE 01 - Magnitude CORE 01 - Magnitude
Presets Dune 2 Sound Designer
Item ID: Q2K81
Magnitude offers 101 patches and 1 custom skin for Dune 2.Beautiful wide pads, organic keys, trancy leads, heavy basses and inspiring arps, made using the outstanding capabilities of the "Differe..
CORE 02 - Flavors CORE 02 - Flavors
Presets Diva Sound Designer
Item ID: M8OE0
Flavors is a fine soundbank of delicate electronic sounds for U-he's game-changing softsynth. Get carefully crafted rhythmic patches and their respective counterparts like leads, basses and pads. ..
CORE 03 - Twins
Presets Serum Sound Designer
Item ID: 705EK
Twins bridges the border between trance and dubstep. This is a collaboration with Loris Solice (longtime participant of the KVR OneSynthChallenge). We put a lot of work into it, because we didn't ..
CORE04 - Caractère
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: 5L7GC
Digital sounds, organic character and a lot of distortive treatment - this is what makes Caractère stand out. With the introduction of the distortion module in Zebra 2, U-he opened up a whole n..
CORE05 - Pixel CORE05 - Pixel
Presets Samples U-He Hive Sound Designer
Item ID: D8N42
With Pixel you get everything you need to compose music in chiptune style. This "fakebit" soundset contains a complete toolbox.HIVE's clean mode is perfect, because its settings are idea..
InspireMe - Volume 01
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: IM38RY
This soundset should inspire you. Atmospheric, mysterious, rhythmic, deep, clear... just everything your synth heart desires!37 presets from the categories:  Arps, Basses, Leads, PadsModWheel and..
InspireMe - Volume 02
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: IM39RY
Part 2 of the InspireMe series for Zebra 2, this soundset is also designed to inspire you with different sounds. Atmospheric, mysterious, deep, clear... this time also effects are included!26 presets ..
InspireMe - Volume 03
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: IM40RY
With InspireMe Vol. 03 you get a bunch of sweet leads, deep basses, trancey arps and heavy wobbles for your Zebra 2.28 inspiring sounds in 4 categories:  Arps, Basses, Leads and Wobbles. ModWheel..
InspireMe - Volume 04
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: IM41RY
Volume 04 of the InspireMe series focuses on alien soundscapes and effects.Do you need some special space sounds that attract the attention of your audience?These 26 presets for Zebra 2 will help you!..
InspireMe - Volume 05
Presets Sound Designer
Item ID: IM42RY
InspireMe Vol. 05 - Impulse contains 26 unusual pads for your Rayblaster. They range from typical electronic pads to strange and complex sounds. Each preset is fine-tuned so you can use it in your son..
InspireMe - Volume 06
Presets Sylenth Sound Designer
Item ID: IM43RY
The SciFi Transitions Preset package for Sylenth 1 consists of 32 patches (risers, drops, bumps and sweeps) inspired by movie sound.These futuristic sounds are a great addition to soundtracks for sci-..
InspireMe - Volume 07
Presets U-He Hive Sound Designer -18 %
Item ID: IM44RY
The multi-talent Aaron Jasinski has created a wonderful soundset in cooperation with Bjulin.Aaron reinterpreted the classic synthesizer sounds of the 80s for use in today's electronic (dance) musi..
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InspireMe - Volume 08
Presets Bazille Sound Designer
Item ID: IM45RY
Pads are generally inspiring - especially when they are created on a monstrous synthesizer like U-he's Bazille. Drown yourself in a miracle of sound and create emotional chord sequences that form ..
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