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684 Midi pack with Sylenth and sytrus banks (Bundle)
Presets MIDI Pack Sylenth Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 4H2VK
Eternal Waves has put every single MIDI sequence he has made up until 2023 intoone pack giving you a massive discount...You will definately be able to find a MIDI file to fit any sub-genre of dance/ED..
Astounding Audio
Artist Exclusive Presets Sylenth Just Added
Item ID: 2235A
Eternal waves presents: Astounding Audio preset bank for Sylenth1. This overwhelming collection of out-of-this-world sounds will have your ears tingling and leave your mind blown. The breathtakin..
Back To The 90s Sylenth Preset Pack
Artist Exclusive Presets Sylenth Just Added
Item ID: 72FQ5
Eternal waves presents this sylenth refill... Back to the 90's.This experienced sylenth programmer has carefully re-created sounds similar to the hits you remember but still usable in the real wor..
Cosmic Chords Midi Pack
Artist Exclusive MIDI Pack Just Added
Item ID: 823E6
Eternal Waves presents cosmic chords. These outstanding samples are a perfect start for any track and to use in just about any genre from classical to the latest styles of EDM and what’s even be..
Euphoric Trance Arpeggios
MIDI Pack Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: OJ9OP
Euphoric ArpsPerfect Trance riffs beautifully crafted to make you feel goosebumps as if surrounded by pure energy.uplifting and euphoric and able to fit in just about any style of EDM.This MIDI pack h..
Hardcore Loops Vol 3
MIDI Pack Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 073I5
One of the best selling Hardcore series returns with another massive dose of Hardcore madness!With tracks released on leading labels such as Armada Music, Trance FC and Brutal Kuts... Eternal Waves Kn..
Hardcore MIDI Loops Vol 1
MIDI Pack Samples Sound Designer Just Added Construction Kit
Item ID: 8SKDH
Eternal Waves present their massive UK Hardcore Loop library featuring over 270 MB of pumping lead riffs, phat buzzing basses and extra special bonus content in both WAV & MIDI format. If you need..
Hardcore MIDI Loops Vol 2
MIDI Pack Project File Samples Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 6T4S3
Eternal Waves present their latest main-floor UK Hardcore MIDI Loop library featuring 125 MIDI sequences! Spread over 51 ‘tracks’ each containing matching lead riff & bass sequences! S..
Hit Sounds Rewind Spire Preset Bank Refill
Presets Spire Sound Designer
Item ID: 9H2DG
Bring the past to the future.A selection of massive leads for Spire which sound just like all the top Trance/Dance hits from the past,Months of love have been poured into this preset pack to create le..
Presets Sylenth Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 3393T
EPIC SAMPLES FOR TRANCE, DANCE AND ALL OTHER GENRES OF EDM!Spectacular synth programing from Eternal Waves making lush sounds ready to throw at any track in any Genre of music! Monster lead sounds and..
Sylenth Leads Vol 3
Presets Sylenth Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: DK3P5
This Highly tuned bank for Sylenth1 from Eternal Waves will bring you that special something you hear in all the biggest tracks by the best producers. Refill your Sylenth VST with this awesome collect..
Sylenth Superleads
Artist Exclusive Presets Sylenth Just Added
Item ID: FK83P
Eternal Waves has delivered a devastating payload of production ready sounds to add to your arsenal.This bank of presets is pure euphoric ear candy that will make people turn their heads and ask what&..
Sylenth Vol 1 + 2 Bundle
Presets Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: 43208
Sylenth1 volume 1 and 2 Bundle from Eternal Waves features Sylenth1 Presets designed to to be synonymous to the latest sounds from the UK charts! The sound set crosses the entire club sound spectrum c..
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