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Analog Cyberpunk for Pigments
Artist Exclusive Presets Pigments Top 50
Item ID: 6T57W
Analog Cyberpunk upgrades your Pigments synth with the newest technology of the near dystopian future. No matter if you need huge pads for the sound of big megacities, gritty basslines to create power..
Dark Cyberpunk for Dune 2
Presets Dune 2 Sound Designer
Item ID: T94JS9
This soundbank contains 40 patches which are dedicated to the dark side of cyberpunk-themed music. From classical to modern synthwave, and even to the big cinematic Scifi - "Dark Cyberpunk" ..
MEGA CITY 6 for Dune 2/3 (Cyberpunk)
Artist Exclusive Presets Dune 2 Sound Designer
'Mega City 6' is a brand new, well crafted cyberpunk soundset for Dune 2 & Dune 3 by Voider. This soundset captures the futuristic and powerful atmosphere of cyberpunk media and is specifi..
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