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Ambient Soundscapes for Omnisphere 2.6
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Item ID: JKM44
Ambient Soundscapes is a beatless, light and mindful voyage into ambient music. A contrast to the chaos, noise, loudness and sound pollution, painting a quiet image in a moment of stillness and as neo..
Auralis for Omnisphere 2.6
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Item ID: D85A7E
Auralis is a collection of 128 cinematic presets for Omnisphere v2.6 or later, created by sound designer Stephan Baer and curated by Luftrum. You need to have version 2.6 or later, to fully take advan..
Bioscape [Kontakt Instrument] Bioscape [Kontakt Instrument]
Kontakt Plugin
Item ID: BU05CA
 Important release notes: Do not use Kontakt 6.4.0 released August 26, this specific version is not working properly in general so Native Instruments made a hotfix. Update to 6.4.1 released Septe..
Cortex for Deepmind 12
Presets Deepmind 12 Sound Designer
Item ID: A93UZT
Taking a deep dive into the heart of the versatile DeepMind 12, Cortex weaves a network of evocative and intricate patches that will enliven any production. The soundbank is the third release by Echo ..
Equilibrium for Omnisphere 2.6
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Item ID: S849RU
[Equilibrium: \ē-kwə-ˈli-brē-əm\ a state of intellectual, mental or emotional balance in which competing influences are balanced, due to equal action of opposing forces]Equilibrium is a small but excl..
Expanse 2 for Omnisphere 2.7
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Item ID: L17M2
[Continued from Expanse] Empowered with the knowledge gleaned from the original EXPANSE artifact, the expedition navigates deeper into the infinite black, investigating stellar phenomena that defy phy..
Expanse for Omnisphere 2.5 (and higher)
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Item ID: ZZ93KU
In search for a new home, mankind travels to a distant exoplanet of enigmatic lifeforms. The expedition returns with a single clue to this strangely evolved ecosystem: a mystic, ultrasonic artifact, e..
Hey! That’s What We Call Bass
Presets Pigments Sound Designer
Item ID: 1S928
Gathering together a large group of 11 distinctive and noteworthy sound designers,Hey! That’s What We Call Bass, vol. 2 contains 110 presets and is the second soundset in a series that explores ..
Hey! That’s What We Call Pads
Presets Serum Sound Designer
Item ID: N9ZD5
Gathering together a large group of fourteen top-tier seasoned sound designers, Hey! That’s What We Call Pads, vol. 1 contains 240 presets and is the first soundset in a series that explores a s..
Immersion for DUNE 2
Presets Dune 2 Sound Designer
Item ID: X90U76
[Immersion: /ɪˈməːʃ(ə)n/ the act of putting someone or something completely under liquid, or the deep mental involvement in something.]Taking a deep dive into atmospheric depths, Immersion is the debu..
Luftkraft for U-He Diva
Presets Diva Sound Designer
Item ID: UIK89
Luftkraft is a soundset containing 82 Kraftwerk inspired synth patches for U-He Diva, all handkrafted by Luftrum. By analyzing Kraftwerk tracks, Luftrum has decoded and replicated ..
Luftrum 10 - Iris 1 & 2
Presets Izotope Iris Sound Designer
Item ID: LUC84J
Soundbank for the amazing spectral synth iZotope Iris v1 and v2. Textured pads, classic pads and organic soundscapes defines the essence of this soundbank. Inspired by the sounds of Mother Earth and p..
Luftrum 11 - Diva
Presets Diva Sound Designer
Item ID: LUCU39
Luftrum 11 is a sequel to Luftrum 9 – the first Diva set by Luftrum. 64 carefully crafted synth presets ranging from lush shimmering pads over classic CS-80 pads to arpeggios, subtle synth leads..
Luftrum 12 for TAL U NO LX
TAL U No LX Presets Sound Designer
Luftrum 12 contains 64 synth presets of ambient pads, funky basses, crispy synth leads and arpeggios inspired by the early 80’s electropop scene mixed with the sound of present time synth connoi..
Luftrum 13 - Zebra
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: LUC849
Luftrum 13 is a new soundbank for Zebra 2 containing 128 fresh and original patches from cinematic pads over dynamic arpeggios to bass sequences and modern synth leads – a perfect fit for all ge..
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