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'Bygone Decades' for DreamSynth DS1
Presets Sound Designer DreamSynthDS1 -23 %
Item ID: 3ZZ0M
'Bygone Decades' contains a whopping 210 presets for Cherry Audio DreamSynth, spanning 3 memorable eras, from the groovy 70s and totally rad 80s up to the mid 90s. This sound library is divide..
£9.95 £7.66
'Cinematic 80s' for GX80
Presets Sound Designer GX-80
Item ID: H2WIA
Of the Cherry Audio banks we've created, this is our current favorite. 'Cinematic 80s' contains 100+ presets for GX-80 with a strong retro-futurist, "cyberpunk" feel.  ..
'Cyberpunk Volume 2' for CS80V
Presets Sound Designer CS-80V
Item ID: HIMK9
'Cyberpunk Volume 2" contains 115 brand new presets presets for Arturia CS-80V (version 4.0 and up). This sound library draws inspiration from the cyberpunk aesthetic to take you on a dystopi..
'Glowstix' for DCO-106
Presets DCO-106
Item ID: IF8B4
'Glowstix' is comprised of 75 oldschool Techno and House style sounds for Cherry Audio's DCO-106 synthesizer, with the timeless character of the Juno hardware.  This preset library ma..
'Neon Nights' for U-he Hive
Presets U-He Hive Sound Designer
Item ID: BX409
'Neon Nights' contains 110 retro-inspired presets for U-he Hive.  In our opinion, Hive is THE best synth for getting THAT special hard-hitting, uptempo Synthwave/Outrun sound right out of..
'Oldschool Colors' for U-he DIVA
Presets Diva Sound Designer
Item ID: 638DU
'Oldschool Colors' contains 100+ presets for U-he Diva inspired by the distinctive character of various vintage synths. To compliment the collection, we've also included a small selection ..
'Pure 80s' for U-he RePro
Presets Repro -7 %
Item ID: QW318
'Pure 80s' contains 100+ presets for U-he Repro 1/5, taking you on a grand tour of the sounds that defined the decade.  Whether you are a producer of Synthwave music or 80s cover songs, o..
£13.95 £12.97
'Retro Synths' for DCO-106
Presets DCO-106 -15 %
Item ID: 4U3A4
'Retro Synths' contains 80 presets for Cherry Audio's DCO-106 synthesizer.  If you produce 80s cover songs, Synthwave, Chillwave, or are looking to add a bit of that oldschool feel in..
£7.95 £6.76
'Retro Tones' for Cherry Audio Miniverse
Presets Sound Designer Miniverse
Item ID: P2495
'Retro Tones' for Cherry Audio's Miniverse (formerly known as "MiniMode") contains 100+ presets with that distinct 70s and 80s feel. Each patch has the modwheel assigned for adde..
'Retropunk' for Sines
Presets Sound Designer Sines
Item ID: 3UAY6
"Retropunk" contains 100 oldschool style presets for Cherry Audio Sines, inspired by a variety of vintage hardware, from classic analog and digital synths to retro videogame soundchips. &nbs..
1984 for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V
Presets Sound Designer
Item ID: 4FPW4H
'Nineteen Eighty Four', a bank of 128 presets, combines oldschool-inspired synth sounds with the addition of somber, chilling textures that reflect the dystopian world described in George Orwe..
70s and 80s Synths Volume 4: Synthwave' for NI Massive
Presets NI Massive Sound Designer -11 %
Item ID: 4HD85J
'70s and 80s Synths Volume 4' contains 65 presets for NI Massive, designed to fit perfectly into synthwave/retrowave and other oldschool productions.  Both KSD and NMSV formats are includ..
£10.95 £9.75
70s and 80s Synths Volume 5: Retro Horror
Presets NI Massive
Item ID: 03408
"Retro Horror" is our 5th installment in the "70s/80s Synths" series, containing 70 vintage style presets for NI Massive, inspired by 1980's horror movie soundtracks.  We&..
8 Bit Nostalgia for Spire
Presets Spire Sound Designer
Item ID: 5A85H
'8-Bit Nostalgia' contains 110 chiptune presets for Reveal Sound Spire, inspired by classic 1980's game systems like the NES, Commodore64, ZX Spectum, etc. The bank comes in both SBF and R..
8 Bit Synths for Plogue Chipsounds
Presets Sound Designer
Item ID: 5YD85H
Plogue Chipsounds Presets'8-Bit Synths' contains over 130 original, premium quality presets for Plogue Chipsounds. These patches have that authentic character of retro videogame consoles and soundchip..
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