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1984 for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V

Xenos Soundworks
PPG Wave - 1984 Preset Walkthrough.mp3
Xenos Soundworks
PPG - 1984 House Demo.mp3

1984 for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V

1984 for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V
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1984 for PPG Wave 3.V and 2.V


'Nineteen Eighty Four', a bank of 128 presets, combines oldschool-inspired synth sounds with the addition of somber, chilling textures that ..
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  • Xenos Soundworks

  • Xenos Soundworks
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'Nineteen Eighty Four', a bank of 128 presets, combines oldschool-inspired synth sounds with the addition of somber, chilling textures that reflect the dystopian world described in George Orwell's classic novel.  The 3.V version of this set makes use of Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V's new features as well as a few additional edits. 

NOTE: The bank ships in 3 versions: The 2.V Steinberg version, the 2.V Waldorf version, plus the new 3.V version.

For Genres:Chillwave, Synthwave, 80s, Electro, Pop, House, Minimal House, Techno

Patch List

000. ARP Blue Tangerines001. ARP Chillin'002. ARP Mellow 16ths003. ARP NOT A 303004. ARP PopCorn005. ARP The Next Wave006. ARP Two Minutes Hate007. BAS 1985008. BAS Beefcake009. BAS Beefy Wavescan010. BAS DarkSync011. BAS Digital Gold012. BAS D-Mode013. BAS DNB Doom014. BAS DNB With Attitude015. BAS Dynamic Silver016. BAS EastAsia017. BAS Eurasia018. BAS Glitchy DNB019. BAS Just Add Distortion020. BAS Martian Jazz021. BAS Moogy Digital022. BAS New Wave023. BAS Numan Would Be Proud024. BAS Oceana025. BAS Phat Saw026. BAS Picked Waves027. BAS Slapback028. BAS Smooth 5ths029. BAS Sub Zero Hz030. BAS Thick PPG031. BAS Trance Digital032. BAS Unison033. BAS Vintage PPG 1034. BAS Vintage PPG 2035. BAS Vintage PPG 3036. BAS Vintage PPG 4037. DRN DoubleThink038. DRN Joycamps039. DRN Room 101040. DRN Thought Police041. KBD Dali's Hammond042. KBD DX Rhodes043. KBD Lightly Muted044. KBD Nothing To Fear045. KBD Pop Organ046. KBD PPG Clavi047. KBD PPG Harpsichord048. KBD Synth EP049. KBD Synthetic Organ050. KBD Touch Filters051. KBD Trance Keys052. KBD Vintage Keys 1053. KBD Vintage Keys 2054. KBD Vintage Keys 3055. KBD Vintage Keys 4056. KBD Vintage Keys 5057. KBD Warm Yet Cold058. LED Buzzsaw Pulse059. LED Classic 80's 1060. LED Classic 80's 2061. LED Classic PPG062. LED Creamy063. LED Duckspeak064. LED GoodThinkfulAndDumb065. LED Heavy Compression066. LED Organic067. LED Outlandish068. LED Phat Pulse069. LED Polyphonic070. LED PPGrungy071. LED Satelite072. LED Slightly Bent073. LED Slo'Groovin'074. LED Smooth Jazz075. LED Squared Away076. LED Synthetic Horn077. LED Unison078. PAD A Feel Of Dread079. PAD AvanteGarde Wavescape080. PAD Bowed Anvils081. PAD Classic SynthPop 1082. PAD Classic Synthpop 2083. PAD Classic Synthpop 3084. PAD Classic Synthpop 4085. PAD Digital Sheen086. PAD Dissonent Cinematic087. PAD Down The Memory Hole088. PAD Fluidity089. PAD Is This Heaven?090. PAD Lightweight091. PAD Lurking Tritone092. PAD Metallic Tension093. PAD Nightmare094. PAD Our Freedom Lost095. PAD Passing Thought Crime096. PAD PPG Strings097. PAD Rotating Tesseract098. PAD Spaced Out099. PAD Stealth Or Die100. PAD Streets Of Gold101. PAD Throaty Vox102. PAD TranceGate103. PAD Warm & BAsic104. SFX Sudden Fright105. SFX Zaps106. SYN Africa 5000 AD107. SYN Arp Food 1108. SYN Arp Food 2109. SYN Arp Food 3110. SYN Bass Sax111. SYN Bells On Soma112. SYN Big Band Sax Quartet113. SYN D50 Brass114. SYN Downward Spiral115. SYN Ethnic Bells116. SYN Flashpoint-esque117. SYN Indescribable Beauty118. SYN PPG Brass119. SYN Rave Chords (Maj)120. SYN Rave Chords (min)121. SYN Road To China122. SYN Secret Garden Chimes123. SYN Synthasia124. SYN Synth Bells 1125. SYN Synth Bells 2126. SYN Tibetan Bowls127. SYN Transfer

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Types of genres this pack is well suited to 80s, Synthwave, Chillwave, Darksynth, House, Cinematic, Sovietwave
Synth information
Name of synth Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V
What's inside?
No. of presets 128

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