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Audio production packs with the experimental flavour.

Hive 2 Soundbank by Mitch Murder
Artist Exclusive Presets U-He Hive Top 50
Item ID: 3313A
Here's a collection of sounds I made for U-He Hive 2. The general theme is dark & light, so there are a lot of classic light sounds but also some dark & gritty ones.There ar..
Vangelis for Omnisphere
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
Item ID: 2SN07
Vangelis for Omnisphere is a tribute soundset of synth emulations and Vangelis-inspired sounds, carefully created by Luftrum by closely studying some of the classics Vangelis composed throughout his l..
Serumwave 5 Solid Basses
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum -14 %
Item ID: J3N64
You need these basses. Are you looking for solid FM bass? Punchy, clicky, crispy bass? Are you looking for the perfect bass that sits in your mix? Are you looking for pure filth? Serumwave 5 Solid Bas..
£9.99 £8.59
Serumwave - Volume 3 (Cyberpunk) - Xfer Serum
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum Top 50
I'm Arcade Summer and I'm back. Introducing Serumwave 3, 88 patches tailored specially for Cyberpunk, Darksynth, Cinematic & more.Serum holds a special place in my heart, it's one of my all-time f..
Crystal Clarity Drums - Volume 3 - Power Snares
Artist Exclusive Drums Samples Top 50
Item ID: 28CYE6
You might not think there are many, but these are days of work, days of obsessing. Every snare is perfectly crafted to fit perfectly into the mix. These snares have got the goods and will take your mu..
Presets Zebra Sound Designer -16 %
Item ID: D0ZPH
Zebra Osiria contains 180 patches for u-he's Zebra 2 synth.It's a cinematic collection full of dark, distorted and menacing sounds, best suited to be used in TV/Film drama/sci-fi/horror compos..
£18.49 £15.53
Undertow for U-He Zebra 2
Presets Zebra Sound Designer
Item ID: 319X4
Undertow for u-he Zebra 2 features 170 patches intended for cinematic underscore and deeply experimental atmospheric compositions, including...30 Atmospheres27 Drum Loops6 Leads52 Pads19 Plu..
Third eye for U-He Diva
Presets Diva Sound Designer
Item ID: 8M494
Third Eye, for u-he's immensely popular virtual analog hybrid Diva, is a collection of experimental atmospheres, ambient pads and percussive arps intended for exotic, evolving compositions and gen..
TAL J-8 Virgo
Presets Sound Designer TAL-J8
Item ID: ELPY4
Virgo is the new collection of 128 presets for the great Roland Jupiter 8 emulation J-8 by Togu Audio Line.Virgo is about analogue synth nostalgia, the 80s soundtracks; sounds designed for dreamy, emo..
TAL J-8 Moebius
Presets Sound Designer TAL-J8
Item ID: 5PU0S
Moebius is a new collection of 140 presets for the great Roland Jupiter 8 emulation J-8 by Togu Audio Line.Inspired by the soundtracks of Summer 84, The Knick and Stranger Things and the music of Le M..
Serumwave - Volume 2 - Xfer Serum
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum Top 50
 Serumwave2 by Arcade Summer is finally released. And it is one of the most ambitious serum packs to date. Containing lush pads & strings, tight basses, gliding leads. Heaps of cyberpunk insp..
Retro Horror Presets (TAL U-No-LX) by Soldier Peril
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive
Item ID: SP3PT1
Haunt your house with these 23 amazing retro Halloween synth presets for TAL U-No-LX featuring spooky basses, eerie leads, terrifying keys, and more!-7 bass patches that will quake your ghostly abode!..
Repro-5 Meridian
Presets Repro Sound Designer
Item ID: R5M39E
Repro-5 "Meridian" is a collection of 140 patches for u-he's Repro-5.Repro-5 is a beautiful emulation of the infamous "Prophet-5" synthesizer. Famous for its ana..
Repro-5 Atrea
Presets Repro Sound Designer
Item ID: R5A77Z
Repro-5 Atrea is a collection of 150 modern cinematic analog patches for u-he's Repro-5 synth.It is cinematic by nature, offering modern analog sounds in multiple categories.  It is equally u..
RePro-1 Firebird
Presets Repro Sound Designer
RePro-1 Firebird is a collection of 150 patches for u-he’s stellar emulation of the classic Sequential Circuits Pro One. Pulsing with raw, analogue energy, Firebird provides ..
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