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 Hex Drum | Oblivion Sound Lab  Hex Drum | Oblivion Sound Lab
Synth Plugin
Item ID: DU8CS
A CLASSIC DRUM MACHINE SOUND, REIMAGINEDHex Drum is a virtual instrument inspired by synth drum machines of the 1980s, in particular the Simmons SDS series with its distinctive hexagonal drum pads, fr..
Dark Vision
Presets Diva Sound Designer
Item ID: D94KSY
A vintage horror soundset for u‑he Diva.Dark Vision is OSL’s homage to the horror film scores of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when pioneering composers armed with analog synthesizers reinvent..
Presets Diva Sound Designer
Item ID: EB3K7
A chord and stab soundset for u-he Diva. Dischordant is a playful collection of chord patches perfect for old school rave, Detroit techno, deep house or any style of music that features synth sta..
Diva Oblivion - U-HE DIVA
Sound Designer Top 50
26 synth wave inspired presets for U-He Diva by Binary Oblivion  ..
Neon Circuits
Presets Diva Sound Designer Top 50
Item ID: NC90WU
100 synthwave inspired presets for u-he Diva by Oblivion Sound Lab. Neon Circuits is the sequel to our free Diva Oblivion soundset, and features 100 handcrafted patches perfect for synthwave prod..
Neon Circuits 2
Presets Diva Sound Designer
Item ID: YSH8S
A synthwave soundset for u-he Diva.Neon Circuits 2 is the follow up to one of our most popular soundsets, and features 131 neon-soaked patches perfect for synthwave, cinematic space synth, synth ..
Night City
TAL U No LX Presets Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: TF15K
Night City contains 86 patches for TAL-U-No-LX that evoke a technologically advanced future, filtered through the lens of the past. The soundset takes its cue from literary and cinematic cyberpunk, ea..
Presets Pigments Sound Designer
Item ID: 341E5
Photon contains 121 patches for Arturia Pigments that evoke the synthesizer scores of 1980s action, sci-fi and horror movies. These sounds are ideal for scoring synth-heavy films – real or imagi..
Presets Repro Sound Designer
Item ID: 0RJ2K
A space synth soundset for u-he Repro-5Retrograde contains 120 brand new patches that evoke the vastness and wonder of the cosmos.For this set we have revisited the classic analog sounds of space synt..
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