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Echo Season - Source Destination

Cortex for Deepmind 12

Cortex for Deepmind 12
Presets Deepmind 12 Sound Designer
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Cortex for Deepmind 12


Taking a deep dive into the heart of the versatile DeepMind 12, Cortex weaves a network of evocative and intricate patches that will enliven..
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  • Luftrum

  • Luftrum
  • Denmark
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Taking a deep dive into the heart of the versatile DeepMind 12, Cortex weaves a network of evocative and intricate patches that will enliven any production. The soundbank is the third release by Echo Season on the Luftrum brand.

Soothing warm pads provide a backdrop for cyberpunk influenced basslines. Delicate keys twinkle like stars amid textured soundscapes, as dynamic arpeggios pulse and evolve. Juicy bass and pristine plucks deliver a richness only available through analog. 

Consisting of 115 patches, Cortex explores the myriad of routing options available within the DeepMind 12. Velocity and modwheel (and pressure/aftertouch when applicable) are utilized on every patch. All patches have been calibrated to leave a few decibels of headroom at max velocity and polyphony. Download a Cortex patch list in PDF, click here.

Suitable for ambient, cinematic, industrial, EDM or any electronic production in need of expressive sounds. Get those connectors out and upload this soundset straight into your neural network, your memory banks will appreciate the extra inspiration.

Although created on a DeepMind 12, the soundset is also compatible with the DeepMind 12D and the DeepMind 6 but to experience the full potential of the patches, the extra voices from the 12 or 12D is highly recommended.

There’s a PDF guide included, describing how to transfer the soundbank from your computer to the DeepMind synth using the DeepMind app. Included as a bonus, are four desktop wallpapers of the cover art, including a 4K UHD 3840×2160 version to the most widely used 1920×1080. Cover art is created by and licensed with permission from concept designer Wojtek Fus.

Demo track info: All of the patches come from the soundset only. No external processing, effects or sounds were used except EQ cuts (no boosts) and extremely gentle bus compression on the master bus, followed by a maximizer for additional gain and a limiter. In the description of the YouTube vid is a minute by minute breakdown of all the patches used in the track.

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