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Repro-5 Gemini

Brian Brylow - Castor and Pollux (Naked).mp3
Kamil Wrona - Oddysey (DRESSED).mp3
Kamil Wrona - Oddysey (UNDRESSED).mp3
Patrizio Mameli - The Third Sign.mp3
TORLEY - Time Travel Tourism.mp3
TORLEY - Twin Universes.mp3
ZenSound - The Message.mp3

Repro-5 Gemini

Repro-5 Gemini
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Repro-5 Gemini


Repro-5 Gemini is the brand new collection of 130 patches for Repro-5.Designed for widescreen music projects, trailer music and modern elect..
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Repro-5 Gemini is the brand new collection of 130 patches for Repro-5.

Designed for widescreen music projects, trailer music and modern electronica. Gemini is inspired by the works of Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, Cliff Martinez, Kristian Eidnes Andersen, John Carpenter and Le Matos. 

Pulsating basslines, dynamic arps and sequences, lush pads, silky leads and wonderful keys.

Gemini bridges the gap between the old and the new electronica days, the sound of the early day’s Prophet 5 and Pro One reinvented.

Vintage and modern electronica sounds, analogue, warm, full of beautiful tape delays, evolving, constantly changing, damaged and detuned tonal delights.

An essential addition for your forthcoming projects and music compositions.

But don't just take our word for it...

The Patchbay has proven itself to be a one-stop shop for the enthusiastic synth producer at entry level to the well-established Retrowave titans whose tracks are adored by the masses. Gary Falcon Lang as its creator has arguably tailored one of the world's best platforms for sound creation with his ethos of user-friendly, straightforward management. As a Creator, there's no better place to be!

The Patchbay is all about giving producers the best possible sounds to lift their creative productions. I love it as a creator when looking for new cutting-edge sounds to use in my own productions. When I recognize many of the well-known artists on the site who have created commercial patch banks & sample packs, that gives me great confidence that the quality of the products is going to be of the highest level.