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The Cyberpunk aesthetic is a sub-genre of Sci-Fi set in the future and houses a dystopian underbelly with high tech & corporatocracy.

Hive 2 Soundbank by Mitch Murder
Artist Exclusive Presets U-He Hive Top 50 -12 %
Item ID: 3313A
Here's a collection of sounds I made for U-He Hive 2. The general theme is dark & light, so there are a lot of classic light sounds but also some dark & gritty ones.There ar..
£11.99 £10.55
Synthwave Collection Vol. 1 TAL U NO LX Soundbank
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive Presets Just Added
Item ID: 823VC
Dive into this deluxe selection of epic Synth sounds, created by New Arcades. In anticipation of their upcoming 3rd album they have created a unique bespoke collection of cohesive sounds, perfect..
Night City
TAL U No LX Presets Sound Designer
Item ID: TF15K
Night City contains 86 patches for TAL-U-No-LX that evoke a technologically advanced future, filtered through the lens of the past. The soundset takes its cue from literary and cinematic cyberpunk, ea..
Analog Cyberpunk for Pigments
Artist Exclusive Presets Pigments Top 50
Item ID: 6T57W
Analog Cyberpunk upgrades your Pigments synth with the newest technology of the near dystopian future. No matter if you need huge pads for the sound of big megacities, gritty basslines to create power..
Vintage Monsters - Diva Soundbank by King Stephen
Artist Exclusive Presets Diva
Item ID: KSDV01
60 custom made presets for U -HE DIVA that dives deep into the atmospheric and cinematic sound of madness of King Stephen. This collection of sounds contains Heavy Basses, Haunting Leads and Macabre P..
Serumwave 5 Solid Basses
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum
Item ID: J3N64
You need these basses. Are you looking for solid FM bass? Punchy, clicky, crispy bass? Are you looking for the perfect bass that sits in your mix? Are you looking for pure filth? Serumwave 5 Solid Bas..
TAL U NO LX Soundbank by Droid Bishop
TAL U No LX Artist Exclusive Presets Top 50
Item ID: DB5028
Here is my soundbank I made for TAL U NO LX. a lot of the presets are from my past EP's & Albums & are named accordingly to the song. Many are from my latest album "Rebirth of the machine..
Synthwave Chords Pack 1
MIDI Pack Top 50
18 Synthwave '80s Chord progressions in MIDI format. Excellent to use a template, adapt to your music or to get an idea of some of the classic chords used in '80s synth music. Also use them fo..
'Cyberpunk Volume 2' for CS80V
Presets Sound Designer CS-80V Just Added
Item ID: HIMK9
'Cyberpunk Volume 2" contains 115 brand new presets presets for Arturia CS-80V (version 4.0 and up). This sound library draws inspiration from the cyberpunk aesthetic to take you on a dystopi..
'Cinematic 80s' for GX80
Presets Sound Designer GX-80
Item ID: H2WIA
Of the Cherry Audio banks we've created, this is our current favorite. 'Cinematic 80s' contains 100+ presets for GX-80 with a strong retro-futurist, "cyberpunk" feel.  ..
Synthwave Chords Pack 2
Artist Exclusive MIDI Pack Top 50
Item ID: ASC28R
Chords pack 1 was a best seller, so here I am with pack 2 which comes jam packed with chords. You can turn them into arps, you can invert them, add to them, build notes around them, mix them and do wh..
Serumwave - Volume 4 (Cyberpunk) - XFER Serum
Artist Exclusive Presets Serum Top 50
Item ID: SW4X89
Introducing Serumwave 4, taking Serum to new heights with Cyberpunk.Serum is a next-gen synth and is truly capable of some great things. It's one of my all-time favourites!My new pack will get you cre..
Cyberpunk 2086
Presets Serum Sound Designer Just Added -11 %
Item ID: N4O2S
'Cyberpunk 2086' contains 135 Serum presets, 30 new Serum wavetables, 11 new Serum "noises", AND a pack of 30 drum and FX one-shots to use in any drum machine or sampler. Each p..
£12.75 £11.35
80s Cyberpunk for CS-80V
Presets Sound Designer CS-80V
Item ID: ID352
'80s Cyberpunk' contains 100+ presets for Arturia CS80V, heavily inspired by the 'Blade Runner' aesthetic and Vangelis's iconic soundtrack.  This sound library provides a powe..
'Retro Synths' for DCO-106
Presets DCO-106
Item ID: 4U3A4
'Retro Synths' contains 80 presets for Cherry Audio's DCO-106 synthesizer.  If you produce 80s cover songs, Synthwave, Chillwave, or are looking to add a bit of that oldschool feel in..
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