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Epic Stock Media
Epic Stock Media
Bloodlust Designed Cracks and Erupts Demo
Epic Stock Media
Bloodlust Designed Creative Gore and Hits DEMO
Epic Stock Media
Bloodlust Designed Gore and Bubble Pops
Epic Stock Media
Bloodlust Designed Gore Tears and Rips
Epic Stock Media
Bloodlust Designed Gruesome Gore Smashes and Impacts
Epic Stock Media
Bloodlust Designed Horror Game and Pick ups
Epic Stock Media
Bloodlust Designed Weapon Stab Squish and Splats


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Now you don't have to hurt anyone to get these types of sounds! No more mafia boss interactions, No need to arrange meetings with your hitma..
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Now you don't have to hurt anyone to get these types of sounds! No more mafia boss interactions, No need to arrange meetings with your hitman, and No need to lure unsuspecting victims to your recording location!

As fellow gamers, we get how nasty game sound can get! Whether your characters smashing zombies heads, fighting off bands of orcs, or battling gooey spider hatchlings, We created Bloodlust to cater to Top tier game developers and designers to provide them with audio assets that inspire and invoke murder, death, and war-fare! With State of the Art 96k / 24bit resolution Single Triggered designed fx, Bloodlust injects dream game gore sounds into your brutal game with out all the mess of post-production!


•    1,000+ Designed and Source Files

•    1.65 GB of Samples

•    All in .WAV format - 96k / 24bit resolution

•    Game Gore Sound Library

•    Perfect for Games and Film

•    Delivers Sickening Audio Assets

•    Saves Blood, Guts and Fear

•    No Lives Lost During Production

•    Aquire Bloody Impacts, Stomps, Breaks

•    Bashes, Rips, Tears, Cuts, Slices, Peels

•    Spurts, Squishes, Smashes, Gut Opens

•    Blood Spills, Flesh Chunks and Head Drops

•    Goo, Alien Sac Opens, Drips,

•    Juices, Bone Breaks, Snaps, Hits,

•    Crunches, Gore Movements and Textures

•    Blood Farts, Stab, Split, Gib-lits, Touches,

•    Wet Slides, Swooshes, Swatches,

•    Squeezes, Pours, Massacres, Innards

•    & MORE

DAW Information
Type of DAW Any.
Does this contain documentation? yes.
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Types of genres this pack is well suited to Film, TV, Game, UI, Other.
What type of audio production pack is this? Game Gore Sound Library.
Technical information about audio data
BPM & key info N/A
WAV File information WAV format - 96k / 24bit resolution
What's inside?
No. of samples 1132

But don't just take our word for it...

The Patchbay has proven itself to be a one-stop shop for the enthusiastic synth producer at entry level to the well-established Retrowave titans whose tracks are adored by the masses. Gary Falcon Lang as its creator has arguably tailored one of the world's best platforms for sound creation with his ethos of user-friendly, straightforward management. As a Creator, there's no better place to be!

The Patchbay is all about giving producers the best possible sounds to lift their creative productions. I love it as a creator when looking for new cutting-edge sounds to use in my own productions. When I recognize many of the well-known artists on the site who have created commercial patch banks & sample packs, that gives me great confidence that the quality of the products is going to be of the highest level.