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Summer Love Emulation For TAL-U-No-LX

Van Derand
Van Derand - Summer Love Emulation For TAL-U-No-LX.mp3

Summer Love Emulation For TAL-U-No-LX

Summer Love Emulation For TAL-U-No-LX
TAL U No LX Presets Sound Designer
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Summer Love Emulation For TAL-U-No-LX


Van Derand - Summer Love Emulation For TAL-U-No-LXVan D got knee deep into audio emulation while working on his master's thesis for Universi..
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Van Derand - Summer Love Emulation For TAL-U-No-LX

Van D got knee deep into audio emulation while working on his master's thesis for University of Lapland. His research concentrated on auditive qualities of a music composition. Instead of traditional music analysis, his research was executed by a method of auditory observational research. The study was guided by the disciplines of acoustics and psychoacoustics. The aim of the study was to provide a new perspective on contemporary music research.

Now Van D has united with The Patchbay to study and emulate various compositions which hold certain importance in the synthesizer oriented scene. His second research concerns Trevor Something's sexy and hazy Summer Love, which was released on Trevor Something Does Not Exist EP in 2014. Although Summer Love originally includes vocals, emulation is presented as an instrumental. Trevor Something is well known for his anonymous persona, always evolving sound, building interludes and smooth vocals frequently concerning topics of heartbreak and substance abuse.

Emulation series focus on reverse engineered sounds, programmed from init patch with and for only one synthesizer at a time. This forms an intriguing challenge, since every synthesizer has its own qualities and limitations. In a reverent manner, the emulation packages only contain original presets programmed by Van D. If any essential techniques have been used externally to accomplish the reconstructed emulation, separate text file will be included with necessary guidelines. 

Any violation of rights should never be directed to the original owners. This is why the packages do not include MIDI or any samples from the original composition. Main objective of the series is merely to offer knowledge and insight for music makers on how to produce certain styles by offering accurately reverse engineered presets.

Summer Love Emulation comes with 8 presets programmed for TAL-U-No-LX software synthesizer.  These presets include:

- Summer Love Bass- Summer Love Brass- Summer Love Keys- Summer Love Lead- Summer Love Low Pad- Summer Love Pad- Summer Love Pluck- Summer Love Synth

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