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Audio production packs for the Pigments synth.

Analog Cyberpunk for Pigments
Artist Exclusive Presets Pigments Top 50
Item ID: 6T57W
Analog Cyberpunk upgrades your Pigments synth with the newest technology of the near dystopian future. No matter if you need huge pads for the sound of big megacities, gritty basslines to create power..
Presets Pigments Sound Designer
Item ID: 341E5
Photon contains 121 patches for Arturia Pigments that evoke the synthesizer scores of 1980s action, sci-fi and horror movies. These sounds are ideal for scoring synth-heavy films – real or imagi..
Luftrum 23 for Arturia Pigments 2
Presets Pigments Sound Designer
Item ID: LUCM49
Luftrum 23 for Pigments 2 is an ambient cinematic soundbank for the film scoring space traveller and the electronic producer, containing 100 presets, with 75 original presets and 25 alternative versio..
Hey! That’s What We Call Bass
Presets Pigments Sound Designer
Item ID: 1S928
Gathering together a large group of 11 distinctive and noteworthy sound designers,Hey! That’s What We Call Bass, vol. 2 contains 110 presets and is the second soundset in a series that explores ..
Binaural Textures for Pigments
Presets Pigments Sound Designer Just Added
Item ID: E997K
Continuing the line of hugely popular Tom Wolfe binaural soundbanks, Binaural Textures brings immersive audio to Pigments for the very first time - giving Pigments a whole new dimension. Featuring 50 ..
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