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Luftrum 28 - Phase Plant

Luftrum 28 Energized - Poly Euro Funk 80s Mix
Luftrum 28 Tranquil - Ambient Cinematic Mix

Luftrum 28 - Phase Plant

Luftrum 28 - Phase Plant
Luftrum 28 - Phase Plant
Presets Sound Designer Just Added Phase Plant
Luftrum 28 - Phase Plant
Luftrum 28 - Phase Plant
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Luftrum 28 - Phase Plant


Luftrum 28, Phase Plant PresetsExplore Luftrum 28, a symbiosis of modern synth sounds that blend seamlessly with timeless sounds from the pa..
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Luftrum 28, Phase Plant Presets

Explore Luftrum 28, a symbiosis of modern synth sounds that blend seamlessly with timeless sounds from the past. It’s the latest set in the Luftrum series of synth soundsets.

This collection features 75 presets handcrafted by Luftrum and sculpted for Phase Plant by Kilohearts – a synth titan renowned for its fusion of analog, wavetable, and granular, coupled with endless modulation possibilities.

With deep roots in both the past and the future, Luftrum 28 builds upon its lineage of soundsets, featuring rich bioluminescent pads, expressive poly synths, and legendary classic emulations. Dive into 80s-inspired basses and leads, cinematic split-key ensembles, transcendent synth keys, ethereal plucks, and otherworldly psybient timbres.

Drawing inspiration from a broad range of artists and a mix of genres, including the retro vibes of the 80s and with a focus on the ambient side of electronic music, Luftrum 28 paints a tribute to artists like Vangelis and Jon Hopkins to MadonnaBoards of Canada, and Imagination. Luftrum 28 offers both a nostalgic homage to the greats and a seedbed for new, photosynthetic musical life forms.

The set also reflects Luftrum’s cosmic curiosity, featuring audio samples from NASA’s archives. Hear the mesmerizing hum of the Sun, melodically transformed into an awe-inspiring pad. Marvel at the Earth’s magnetosphere, a celestial ballet between Earth and the Sun, as charged plasma particles dance in space’s grand expanse.

In addition to the 75 synth presets the pack includes 75 wavetables and 75 pad samples for Phase Plant’s granular or sampler engine. These are neatly organized in separate folders for easy integration into any other wavetable or granular synth.

Luftrum 28 comes in two versions for optimal flexibility: The original set, with high polyphony and polyphonic effect chains, and an Eco version optimized for reduced CPU load with limitations on polyphony, effect chains, and decreased granular performance etc. We recommend only installing the Eco version if your system struggles with the original version.

All presets have 8 macros assigned, along with meaningful controls for velocity, modwheel, aftertouch, and added dB headroom, so you can craft with confidence. Included is a PDF guide that explains how to install the soundset. The set, including extras, is 419 MB while the soundbank alone is 109 MB and requires Phase Plant v2.1.0 or later.

Does this contain documentation? Yes, Installation PDF.
File Information
File type .bank,
item information
Types of genres this pack is well suited to ambient, cinematic, 80s, synthwave, electronic,
What type of audio production pack is this? SOundbank for Phase Plant by Kilohearts.
Synth information
Minimum required synth version Phase Plant v2.1.0 or later.
Name of synth Kilohearts Phase Plant
What's inside?
No. of presets 75

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