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SK-8X Drums

Leisure Class Audio
SK-8X Drums Only Workout.mp3
Leisure Class Audio
SK-8X Electronic Demo.mp3
Leisure Class Audio
SK-8X Dreampop Demo.mp3

SK-8X Drums

SK-8X Drums
SK-8X Drums
Drums Samples Sound Designer
SK-8X Drums
SK-8X Drums
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SK-8X Drums


Lo-Fi by Nature. Hi-Fi by Design. Over 600 raw and processed samples based on the classic Casio SK-8 Keyboard including new drums created wi..
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Lo-Fi by Nature. Hi-Fi by Design. Over 600 raw and processed samples based on the classic Casio SK-8 Keyboard including new drums created with the SK-8 specfically for this pack.

SK-8X in Detail 

Leisure Class Audio has taken these drums far beyond their original sound by creating new drums to fill out the stock kit: toms, open hat, crash, and shaker are now included with the kick, snare, clap, closed hat, ride, congas, rim, and ride.

Through re-syntheses, re-sampling, and Jurassic Park-style DNA splicing we created all new drums for the SK-8 that really sound like they belonged originally.


What's inside? Over 600+ files. Here's the folder layout:


We took one of our two SK-8s apart and modified it to allow repitching the drums. The best of these repitched kits are included in 13 sets of one-shot samples:

1. Stock (unmodified)

2. Tuned Up

3. Clocked High

4. Tuned Down

5. Tuned Down More

6. Chirp & Blip Glitch Kit

7. Minneapolis Low

8. Aliasing Kit

9. Low Crunch

10. ST-224 Kit

11. Stock - Preamp A

12. Stock - Preamp A Pushed

13. Wild Beach

These kits are provided as raw samples (as they came off the machine, sampled cleanly through our Audient preamps) and in two levels of processing. Processing Level 1 gives each a subtle lift with EQ and compression/limiting; Processing Level 2 gives each a more aggressively processed sound including saturation, clipping, etc.


This is where things get really interesting. We took these samples to the next level with the PROCESSED ONE SHOTS folder. In here you will find highly processed and stylized samples with a focus on bringing out the best features of the SK-8's drums for a modern and punchy sound. Deep and snappy kicks, wide claps, some of the punchiest snares we've ever made, crispy hi hats, and more.


The LOOPS folder contains all the SK-8's original stock loops AND the 2 hidden loops provided at 3 tempos (90, 100, 120bpm). There is a small sampling of weird and glitchy loops we pulled out while wiring everything to everything under the hood and then tempo fixed. There is no additional processing to any of these loops.


The NOISES & GLITCHES folder contains a few handfuls of useful(?) noises the machine made while modifying. Included here is what's referred to as "shitshot" where connecting points that don't necessarily want to be connected causes the machine to sputter out a mess of keyboard and drum sounds. The usefulness of this is up to you, but was included for interest (and in service of the obsessive nature of Leisure Class Audios process.)

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Types of genres this pack is well suited to Hi-Fi Pop, Lo-Fi, Synthwave, Outrun, Disco, Nu-Disco, IDM, EDM, Electro
What type of audio production pack is this? 650+ Drum samples based on the Casio SK-8 sampling keyboard. New drums were created to fill out kits. The keyboards were modified to create pitch and timbre variety among the kits.
Technical information about audio data
WAV File information 16/48
What's inside?
No. of samples 650+

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