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Dark Retro Synths for Omnisphere

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Dark Retro Synths for Omnisphere

Dark Retro Synths for Omnisphere
Presets Omnisphere Sound Designer
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Dark Retro Synths for Omnisphere


"Dark Retro Synths" combines the sound of vintage synths with the suspenseful and moody atmosphere inspired by 1980's horror and sci-fi movi..
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"Dark Retro Synths" combines the sound of vintage synths with the suspenseful and moody atmosphere inspired by 1980's horror and sci-fi movies. "Dark Retro Synths" is a handy toolkit for retro-inspired musical genres, and adding an oldschool flavor to horror and sci-fi film/game soundtracks.

This is not just a preset bank, but an actual expansion for Omnisphere.  Along with the 75 new patches, we've also included 45 brand new sample soundsources to further enhance Omnisphere's impressive sample library. All the patches in this collection were created using only the custom sample soundsources and Omnisphere's synth waveforms.- 75 Presets- 45 new sample soundsources


Patch List

AT Alien WorldsAT Apocalyptic DesolationAT Cyborg Cemetary DirgeAT DissolvedAT Frozen RustAT Foul GlitchscapeAT Ghost Infestation AT Mysterious MachineAT Sadist DungeonAT Trippin' BirdsAT WindstormBA 80s Bass 1BA 80s Bass 2BA 80s Bass 3BA 80s Bass 4BA 80s Bass 5BA Classic Deep DroneBA DX LikeBA Mellow E BassBA Raging PigBA Warm AnalogBL Music BoxBL Pure BellsBL Synth ChimesBL Vintage Digital BellsBL Vintage TremoloFX Dark Dub Noise Riser FX ElectropissFX Jason StalkingFX Modular MadnessFX Psionic SingularityFX Trippy TypewriterHT BonecrackerHT Deep Rumbly HitHT Metal Scrape 1HT Metal Scrape 2HT Spooky GongsHT StunnerKB Acid Rock ClaviKB Dark Dirty GrandKB Fat N ChurchyKB Quivering Ana EPKB Retro Synth OrganLD Dusty LeadLD Fat N LoudLD Freddy K's ThemeLD Overdriven SoloLD Retro WhinerLD Vibro WormLD Vintage SoloLD Vocalish Retro LeadPD Analog Voices PD Creepy High DronePD Lo-Fi GritPD Melancholy Analog PadPD Minimalist FM SwellsPD Mournful Analog SweepPD Retro Noisy PadPD Synth Horn SectionPD Tremolo Synth StringsPD Wierd SciencePL Analog Arp FoodPL Bright Glide PlucksPL Dark Dub Synth PizziPL Late 80s Arp FoodPL StrobelightPL Synth HarpPL TremblingPL Ubiquitous 80s PlucksPL Wacky Modular Plucks


New Soundsource Samples

Attack - FM HarpAttack - Wine GlassFearwaveFriction 1Friction 2Modeled PianoPig WaveformXS Ana BassXS Ana Mod WaveXS Ana Pipe OrganXS Ana SawXS Analog Orch WaveXS Biomech HatchlingsXS Birds On AcidXS Bright Digi WaveXS Buchloid MachineXS C DroneXS Dark Drum HitXS Duct Tape 1XS Duct Tape 3XS Dusty AnaXS ElectropissXS Filter FM LayerXS Foul GlitchXS Ghost MystXS Ghostly InfestationXS Glitch ShowersXS Gritty PadXS High Ana StringsXS Jason CheeXS Jason HaaXS Low FM Vowel WaveXS Metal HitXS Metal Scrape - RustyXS Metal Scrape LoopXS Modular Synth HitXS Pain DroneXS Quick ScrapeXS Roll SweepXS Rotary PadXS Scrape HitXS Synth Taser HitXS Typing

item information
Types of genres this pack is well suited to 80s, synthwave, cinematic, darksynth, cyberpunk, dark trap
Synth information
Name of synth Omnisphere
What's inside?
No. of presets 75

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