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Analog Phantasies

Analog Phantasies for TAL-Pha

Analog Phantasies

Analog Phantasies
Analog Phantasies
Presets Sound Designer Just Added TAL - Pha
Analog Phantasies
Analog Phantasies
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Analog Phantasies


177 fresh and peppery sounds for TAL-PhaIntroducing Analog Phantasies: our latest expander for the exceptional TAL-Pha synthesizer from Togu..
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177 fresh and peppery sounds for TAL-Pha

Introducing Analog Phantasies: our latest expander for the exceptional TAL-Pha synthesizer from Togu Audio Line, also known as TAL in the scene.

With TAL-Pha, TAL makes a wish come true for a lot of Roland synthesizer enthusiasts, as it is the last of the Juno series from the 1980s. With additional waveforms, an advanced envelope, adjustable chorus rate, aftertouch, and more, it was already – sonic wise – the most interesting Juno in our view. Now it’s time to unleash its full potential and take advantage of the incredible improvements TAL has introduced for TAL-Pha.

With features such as three selectable filters (normal, clean, boost), oscillator sync, oscillator mix (separate volume control for the waveforms), MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), the addition of a musically sounding reverb and delay and a parametric (bell) EQ, it will make loads of people happy.

Analog Phantasies is a massive sound set that offers 177 presets across 11 different categories, designed to fuel your creative process. Whether you’re composing 80s-style tracks, Ambient, Cinematic, Synthwave, Retrowave, or exploring other genres like House, Techno, Trance, or even Gabber/Hardcore, these presets are here to assist you in succeeding in your musical endeavors. We love the new features of TAL-Pha, especially the ones utilizing the noise LFO, a feature not available on the hardware, which can add intriguing textures or ‘salt and pepper’ to the sounds and your music.

The presets are made with the utmost precision, are volume matched and make heavy use of velocity and the modulation capabilities. They even work with MPE-enhanced controllers and are lovingly crafted with TAL-Pha v.1.1.6 to ensure they shine in your productions.

Explore new musical horizons with Analog Phantasies!

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Types of genres this pack is well suited to ambient, edm, synthwave, solidtrax, synthwave, trance, electronic, cinematic,
What type of audio production pack is this? Soundbank for TAL - Pha
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Minimum required synth version latest preferred
Name of synth TAL Pha
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No. of presets 177

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The Patchbay is all about giving producers the best possible sounds to lift their creative productions. I love it as a creator when looking for new cutting-edge sounds to use in my own productions. When I recognize many of the well-known artists on the site who have created commercial patch banks & sample packs, that gives me great confidence that the quality of the products is going to be of the highest level.