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Synth City for Spire

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Synth City for Spire

Synth City for Spire
Presets Spire Sound Designer
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Synth City for Spire


…and he was gone. The sun was eclipsed behind the buildings, leaving only smoke and colors. City lights danced across his windshield and pol..
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…and he was gone. The sun was eclipsed behind the buildings, leaving only smoke and colors. City lights danced across his windshield and polished chrome. All that remained was the distant din from his engine and the steady pulse of the cities beat.
Soaked in shades of neon, and shaken like a beach side martini – Synth City for Spire delivers those warm retro flavors with a vibrant modern twist.

Carefully designed by musician and sound designer, Michael Oakley, Synth City encompasses a range of emotions from uplifting, through nostalgic to melancholy. Like the last waning days of summer, it will leave you longing for those nights that reside between memory and feeling.

Synth City is about 80’s soaked synths that splash your tracks with fuchsia colors. Sturdy muscular bass that supports your arrangements like reliable well-worn denim. Lush vintage pads flow like those long luscious locks of hair that you used to have, and night cloaked synths and sequences usher in a moodier vibe.

Of course, it is not all about nostalgia, and like any Luftrum release, Synth City accounts for the present and future with forward-thinking design aesthetics. Spires excellent filters and oscillators are given a full extended workout, and the small touches to each patch elevates them above the norm. Synth City feels equally at home with Synthwave, EDM, Future Bass, Lo-Fi, or Synthpop.

Within you will find 64 presets, sorted by category and tagged with descriptions. Every sound is carefully balanced and mix ready for when that flash of inspiration hits. Check out the masterful demo track below composed by Michael Oakley to hear a sampling of the possibilities – no external effects or processing were used (with the exception of drums).

Set your cruise control for a steady 100 BPM, grab your shades and settle in for a trip to Synth City.

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Types of genres this pack is well suited to Synthwave, EDM, Future Bass, Lo-Fi, Synthpop,
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Name of synth Reveal Sound Spire
What's inside?
No. of presets 64

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